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The neighbourhood of Akihabara is itself almost a shrine to all things electrical - the tall buildings along the streets with the big neon signs are impressive  Akibahara has been dubbed ’Electric Town’ and its reputation as a trading centre was earned in the aftermatch of World War II when black market goods were sold here.

View of Akibahara’s chuo-dori

The best place to start browsing the shops is Chuo-dori, the main street. Sporting goods are located in Yasukuni street whilst the book shops around Jimbocho station in Kanda can cater for whatever your needs - and in all languages.

Furthermore there are two important shrines you can visit, the Yushima and the Kanda Myojin - both a short walk north past Ochanomizu Station and across the Kanda River.

Travelling east of Akihabara will take you to Ryoguku - the site of Kokugikan (left). This is Tokyo’s sumo arena. Ryoguku is home to many of the sumo beya or "stables" - housing and training centres for the rikishi or wrestlers.


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