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Akihabara - Shopping

The shopping experience of Akihabara is best enjoyed by just walking up and down Chuo Dori a few times and entering a few of the more interesting shops on the way. Much of the electronic equipment for sale is displayed on the sidewalk. In this district it’s also possible to haggle to secure the best price in some cases..

Pronounced ’Raokkusu’, Laox is a real shopping experience. Definitely worthy of a visit if electronics and electrical equipment is your thing. 

Kinokuniya Kan Yakkyoku
An old shop selling an interesting array of Chinese herbs and spices for medical use.

Yasukuni Dori
This large street, just off Chuo Dori contains all the best sporting goods shops. For Japanese (and English) books head for Jimbocho.

For a comprehensive guide to the area visit


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