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Roppongi - Bars and Pubs

The options in Roppongi are extensive - we include below a small sample of what’s available.

Almond Coffee Shop  is the centre of this party town. The central meeting place for partygoers and touts is the garishly pink Almond Coffee Shop.

The shop itself has mediocre coffee and desserts at inflated prices, but the sidewalk in front of the store is the No. 1 meeting spot in Roppongi.

Address: Roppongi Crossing (the intersection of Roppongi Dori and Gaien-Higashi Dori)


Mogambo’s, Geronimo’s, Motown & Wallstreet
Geronimo’s and Mogambo’s are very popular pubs, small but very cosy. Great place to meet new people as bar is round and somehow interacting goes easier. Great bartenders who will remember you even after weeks of absence. Crowded on weekends and fun during weekdays.


Dust Till Dawn - A fun lively bar on the main street with the advantage of having a little more space than most. Huge TV screen and happy hour from 6 - 9pm 

Address : 3-18-3 Roppongi


Wallstreet. Simple bar with low stools. Very friendly service.  Wallstreet is the-end-of-the-night-bar, early evenings no-one will be there.                                                                                       Address: Ask anyone waiting at Almonds
Opening Hours: 18.00-0.800


Trading Places - More upmarket and spacious than mnay of the areas bars. A long bar with good music and a little more space than most.

Address : 5-16-12 Roppongi


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