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Shibuya is the most trendy place in Tokyo and possibly the most fashionable place east of Paris. It is always busy, always crowded and there is always something unexpected going on. Whereas Roppongi caters mostly to foreigners, this district serves the needs of a Japanese youth with cash to spend.

It mostly attracts young Japanese who want to have a good time. Shibuya is about just that. The place to go is Hachiko Plaza, which is close to ths Shibuya station and where you will find a small statue of the dog Hachiko erected in 1964.

Nearby Yoyogi-koen is a relatively recent addition to the capital which gained some notoriety a few years ago as the venue for some aspiring rock groups that would give imrpomptu concerts in the closed off streets. These days calm has been restored and it acts as nothing more than an extension to the Meiji Shrine.

The whole area of Shibuya only gained its popularity after the 1923 earthquake when people from Tokyo slowly started to move to the west of the City. The cut throat competition between department stores of Tokyu and Seibu, with each trying to offer a more complete shopping experience than the other, has played a major role in the popularity of Shibuya.

As mentioned above, the Meiji Shrine, is an important shrine in a very pleasant park. The Shrine, originally constructed in the early 1920's is in honour of the Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken, who reigned from 1868 to 1912. They were revered leaders, credited with bringing Japan out of the feudal era and into the modern world. On entering the shrine grounds one passes through two enormous gates built in the medieval style, believed to be the largest of their kind.


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