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Shibuya - Sights


Meiji Shrine (above)
The Meiji Shrine is an important shrine in avery pleasant park (Yoyogi-koen). The Shrine, originally constructed in the early 1920’s is in honour of the Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken, who reigned from 1868 to 1912. They were revered leaders, credited with bringing Japan out of the feudal era and into the modern world. On entering the shrine grounds one passes through two enormous gates built in the medieval style, believed to be the largest of their kind.

This is still an important shrine and you have a good chance of seeing some Shinto ceremonies.

Treasure House
Treasure house of the Meiji Shrine displays artifacts of the Meiji Emperor.

Hachiko Plaza
Very crowded and busy and absolutely a hot spot in Tokyo. Big neon signs, billboards and video screens all around.

Hachiko Statue
This statue is the main meeting point of Shibuya, and commemorates the loyal dog that always went to the train station to pick up his owner and continued to do so for years after his death.

Address: Hachiko Plaza


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