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The areas of Shinjuku which are immediately to the east and west  of the station are probably as different as east and west Berlin once were. Nishi (pictured above) in the west is full of skyscrapers and  high rise buildings. East of the station is a lively quarter that revolves about one thing: party all night (pictured below)

When you visit Shinjuku, it is advisable not to try and go there during rush hour. The station is the most busy in Tokyo - which with over two million people passing through each day means the most busy on the planet.

Exiting the station take the East Exit for the chuo dori shopping area, the South Exit for the ’Times Square Shopping Centre’ and the West Exit for the skyscraper and business zone.

Shinjuku’s eastern area is the high street shopping area. It’s also where you’ll find Kabukicho, the red light district.

The two main shopping streets are Shinjuku Dori Avenue and Yasukuni Dori Avenue. with plnty of little streets in between. Studio Alta, with its giant TV screen, is directly opposite ’My City’ shopping centre.

Strip clubs, hostess bars and pachinko parlours make up much of Kabukicho (left). But here too, youll also find a few mainstream cinemas together with Koma Stadium, a venue for traditional music and dance (tickets available on the door). To get to Kabukicho, cross over Yasukuni Dori Avenue in the direction away from Shinjuku Station

The Times Square Shopping Centre stands on land that was once occupied by wooden shacks and drinking dens. Completed in 1996, inside you’ll find a branch of Tokyu Hands the famous arts and crafts shop, and Kinokunia which sells English books.

Visit the Shomben Yokocho at night to enjoy the unique atmosphere of this collection of small restaurants and bars.


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