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Eating Out
Temples & Shrines

Ueno - Temples and Shrines

Toshogu Shrine
Built in 1651 this shrine honours the first Tokugawa shogun. The style is very ornate.(Picture left shows the shrine at the top with he remains of Kanei-ji  - the 5 storey pagoda - in the foreground)






Kanei-ji Temple
Originally an important temple of the Tokugawa clan, but destroyed in 1878. The area was then converted into a park and all you can see now of the temple is a 5 storey pagoda inside the Ueno Zoo.

Benzaiten Shrine
Dedicated to the patron godess of music, beauty and the arts, Benten, this shrine is located on a little island in the Shinbazu Pond just south of Ueno Park.
Address: Shinbazu Pond

Yushima Tenjin Shrine (right)
This is the place to go when you are in doubt whether of not you have passed an exam. At least this is where Japanese students go to pray.




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