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Imperial Palace

Imperial Court Museum
Small museum with a part of the Imperial family’s collection of Art.
Address: in East Garden (Kokyo Higashi-gyoen)

Museum of Modern Art
Great collection of more modern Japanese art, Meiji period (1868-1912 )and onwards.
Address: 3-1 Kitano-maro Koen

Japan Science Museum
Great place to take the kids, lots of hands on exhibits and a free English guide included with the entrance fee.
Address: in Kitanomaru-koen

Japan War Museum (Yoshukan Museum)
No signs in English but an English pamphlet is available. From samurai swords to kamikaze pilot suits, including a kaiten - a submarine equivalent of a kamikaze plane.
Address: 3-1-1 Kudankita

Yasukuni Jinja - Shrine for establishing Peace in the Empire
Not a museum but a shrine to Japan’s 2.4 million war dead since 1853.Highly contraversial in Japan since a group of Class A war criminals were enshrined here in 1979. Look out for black vans blasting right weing propaganda             
Address: Take Tayasu-mon exit out of Kitanomaru-koen.


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