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Tokyo - other things to see
Besides the areas in Tokyo described here, you musn't forget to add: Odaiba, the newish shopping centre in the middle of the harbour, with an excellent view of the skyline of Tokyo.

Take a boat from Asakusa, the famous Sumida River Cruise (not that spectacular although they do have karaoke on board) and get off at Odaiba. Have a stroll in the park, along the beachside, visit Venus Fort, an Italian-style shopping mall for women only and visit Toyota’s showroom.

Walk back to Hamamatsu-cho station over the 2 km. long Rainbow Bridge (left)and enjoy the spectacular view. Also, from Shimbashi it’s a 1 hr. trip to Kamakura, Japan’s former capital.

Enjoy beachlife, surfing, sea-canoeing and lots of temples.

NB An absolute must - pick up the free weekly magazine "Tokyo Classified" in bars in Roppongi or at Tower Records in Shibuya, to see where to go, museumwise, party-wise etc.

Visit Ueno Zoo (if nothing else for the panda) and go to a baseball game in Tokyo Dome (left) The fans are even more fun that the game itself..


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