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Places of Interest

Shiyokan (Dejima Museum)- on Nagasaki harbour preserves relics of the first western settlement remained the only point of contact for the outside world for 200 years until 1854.

Glover-en (Glover Gardens - right) Thomas Glover - a Scot arriving with Perry’s Black Ships in 1854 - was responsible for much of Japan’s initial forays towards modernisation. The gardens contain his original western-style mansion as well as other of the era. Also elegant gardens in themselves.

Dutch Slopes A fascinating area influenced heavily by the west. Many western-style houses and roads. Museums of local history etc.

Atomic Bomb Museum - In the International Culture hall, the museum provides stark evidence of the aftermath of the infamous bomb.

Keiwa-koen (Peace Park) - is dominated by the Peace Statue, but also contains the Peace Fountain  - all relating to the 1945 bomb.

Koshi-byo/ Sofuku-ji/ Suwa-jinja - all temples and shrines in the area. Worth taking time to visit.


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