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Getting Around

The Shinkansen terminates at Fukuoka and the main train network within Kyushu is the JR Nippo main line (east coast) and JR Kagoshima main line (west coast).Trains across the island are relatively slow and infrequent although the private Nishitetsu line between Fukuoka, Daizafu, Kurume, Yanagawa and Omuta is efficient.

Visitors travelling from Tokyo or Osaka might consider flying as it is comparable in cost to taking the train.

A ferry operates between Osaka and Beppu which consists of an overnight steamer stopping at Kobe City in transit. The journey can take between 13 and 16 hours each way. Hiroshima -Beppu daily ferries take 5.5 hours.

It would be advisable to hire a car to view the best of the Aso-Kuju National Park.


Precision Reservations

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