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Daisetsuzan National Park

Daisetsuzan National Park is the largest national park in Japan. It consists of several mountain groups, volcanoes, forests and lakes. 

The cold Siberian winds create an environment of stunning alpine beauty in the winter which give way to spectacular swathes of colour in the summer months.

Undoubtedly the park’s main attraction for hikers as its excellent network of trails into the interior give way to some of Japan’s finest natural scenery. The fact that the many volcanic peaks which are contained within the park are relatively low-lying mean they are nearly all accessible to hikers. 

The southern part of the park remains relatively unfrequented but beautiful. Furano (pictued above) is one of Japans best skiing resorts with excellent facilities for powder skiing. It is easily reached from Asahikawa by train.

Hot springs and onsens are available in abundance - Sounkyo is the main tourist hub in the park. There are many hot springs here and a number of functional hotels. Nearby is the Sounkyo Gorge which is renowned for its waterfalls. For hikers there are much better opportunities on Mount Kuro-dake. The most spectacular hike being the one to the Mount Asahidake.

The main entrances to the park are in Kamikawa and Asahikawa in the North, Kitami in the east and Obihiro in the south. all of these cities can be reached by train from Sapporo.




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