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Hokkaido is the northernmost of the four big islands that make up Japan. It is a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts due to its many hiking possibilities in the great national parks such as Daisetsuzan and Rihiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu and there are some good skiing slopes (Sapporo hosted the Winter Olympics once). Forests, hot springs, mountain ranges, and volcanoes are all to be found.

The last of the four islands to be incorporated into Japan (it was only settled in the 19th century), it retains a frontier-like atmosphere with a climate to rival Canada.

Japan’s last-remaining indigenous people - the Ainu - were pushed out of Honshu and settled here  - approximately 20,000 remain on the island today.

The regional capital Sapporo is actualy one of the most lively cities of Japan with a great beer-drinking culture. The city is an ideal place to arrange everything for a trip to some of the most remote parts of Japan.

Although popular with the Japanese holiday-maker, there is little of cultural or historical interest to be found. The six national parks on the island can be difficult to visit due to limited public transport and great distances but the determined traveller can be rewarded with areas of great unspoilt natural beauty which are well worth the effort.                                                               


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