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Echos of the samurai reverberate around the narrow streets at the heart of Hagi. The town was founded 400 years ago by the Mori - a group of ’outsiders’ who were not fully trusted by the local shogunate.  Now in Yamaguchi prefecture, the position of the Hagi-jo (castle) was carefully chosen due to its protection on two sides by the sea and a river. The castle is now a ruin but the scenery and wonderful flora that has grown up around the fortifications makes the site well worth a visit.

Temples such as Toko-ji on the eastern bank (containing the  somewhat austere, grand tombs of five of the Mori lords) and Shoin-Jinja - a Meiji-era shrine should be visited if there is time. Similarly the Samurai Quarter (including many samurai gates and a historic arsenal) should not be missed.

Korean potters worked and traded in Hagi for centuries and the beige/pink tea ceremony stoneware for which it is famous can still be bought in places such as Tamachi Mall but try and find pottery that has been produced using a traditional wood-kiln to ensure best quality.


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