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Fukuyama and around

Fukuyama and around

Situated roughly midway between Hiroshima and Okayama on the Inland Sea coast, Fukuyama itself holds little of interest to the traveller, being a modern, industrial town. However its excellent shinkansen links and much more interesting surrounding region make it an ideal base from which to explore.


Those finding themselves in the Fukuyama district with up to a day to spare would be well advised to visit this charming fishing port, just half an hour south by bus, on the tip of the Numakuma Peninsula. Its horseshoe-shaped harbour, narrow winding streets (pictured above) and many shrines and temples are easily explored either on foot or by bicycle.

Begin by climbing to the ruins of Taigashima-jo castle on the headland above the harbour. This will give an unparalleled view of the town beneath and allow you an opportunity to plan the rest of the day.

Temples such as Io-ji, Hosen-ji and Amida-ji are all within walking distance of the centre.

About 20km west of Fukuyama, Onomichi is very much the gateway to the Inland Sea islands of Japan as well as to
Shikoku by ferry and road. There is a pleasant temple walk (picture right) which takes in about 25 of the town’s temples and shrines and lasts most of the day. The less adventurous can take the ropeway to Senko-ji-koen park with its excellent views and colourful flora. Don’t miss the bright red Senko-ji temple - the most colourful and lively of the temples on the hillside.

Sandankyo Gorge
The erosion of the limestone plateau in the northwest of the Hiroshima prefecture has left a beautiful deep gorge, stretching for about 18km, full of primeval forest, waterfalls, monkeys, unusual rock formations and the Onbashi Bridge, the largest natural bridge in Japan. Sandankyo Gorge is a favourite route for hikers.


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