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Fukuyama and around


Four hours from Tokyo by shinkansen, the city of Okayama lies on Japan’s Inland Sea. Capital of the eponymous prefecture, the city is today a bustling modern place of only limited interest to the visitor. The two main attractions are listed below but the visitor should still consider Okayama as an ideal base for visiting surrounding attractions of Kurashiki ( 20 minutes to the west and famed for its delightful small area of buildings surrounding a moat), and the centuries-old pottery district of Bizen to the east.


Koraku en 

Constructed between 1687 - 1700, it is considered one of Japan’s ’Big Three’ landscaped gardens. Perfect for strolling and quiet meditation, the many attractive ponds and lakes, the unusual (in terms of Japanese gardens in general) large expanse of flat lawn, and scattered tea-houses make this garden a must-see for any visitor to the area. A classic example of ’borrowed scenery’ exists in the form of Okayama-jo’s black keep and the multitude of islands, hills and tea plantations all add to a poark which is large enough to soak up most of the crowds of visitors.



Known locally as ’U-jo’ (’Crow Castle’), its nickname derives from the black wood used to clad its donjon. Built in 1587, it is said to have been so coloured in contrast to Himeji’s pure white equivalent. For the visitor there is plenty of English-language guidance and for the adventurous there is the opportunity to dress up as a lord or lady of the era.


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