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Seto Ohashi Bridge

The Seto Ohashi Bridge is approximately 9.4 km long, linking Kagawa Prefecture in Shikoku Island with Okayama Prefecture on the main island of Honshu. It is the longest dual purpose bridge in the world, carrying both automobiles and trains. The magnificent landscape attracts many tourists not only domestically but also from all over the world. The bridge is illuminated in the evenings during the New Year holidays and Golden Week.

At the foot of the bridge is the Seto Ohashi Commemorative Park, which was built to commemorate the bridge building. Throughout the vast park space, with a spectacular view of the magnificent Seto Ohashi Bridge in the background, are scattered various facilities, such as the Memorial Hall, Marine Dome, and stone monuments. At the Memorial Hall, visitors can learn in detail about the Seto Ohashi Bridge with the aid of panels and pictures.


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