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Tosa Cuisine

Kochi is famous for great food, especially seafood. A key concept here is the Kuroshio, or "black current," the Pacific Ocean stream of warm water that brings abundant marine life directly into the gulf of Tosa. Japanese visitors to Kochi always look forward to having great seafood at very low prices.

Look out for food served in a Sawachi - a large dish local to the area which is shared between 2-3 people. Katsuo Tataki,  tosa urume (dried fish) and  Chirimen-jako  - fried, dried sardines will all be served in this style

Katsuo Tataki

Bonito fish is cut into thirds and then smoked over a fire of straw. A mixture of vinegar, soy sauce and salt is then rubbed into the surface which is then lightly tenderized by patting with the hand or with the flat of a knife. It is then sliced a bit more thickly than sashimi.

Tataki is served with sliced spring onion, Japanese basil, myoga (Japanese ginger), and garlic. Tataki is truly the king of Sawachi in Tosa. Tataki can also be made from fish other than bonito.


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