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Away from the major towns in Shikoku, the Iya Valley is considered one of Japan’s three ’hidden regions’. With its hot springs, opportunities for river rafting and hiking not to mention the two famous kazura-bashi, or vine-bridges, that span the deep river gorges in this region, it is ideal for the outdoor enthusiast.


The town of Oboke, marks the entrance to the valley. About 100km south-west of Takamatsu, it is easily reached by train although it is recommended that you hire a car for the tour itself to be able to truly enjoy the valley once you are there. Cycling and hiking are also recommended in this area. There are ancient temples, shrines, museums and cultural sites aplenty in the valley along Yoshino-gawa (running due west from Tokushima) A boat ride is available to take visitors down the gntle rapids whilst the more adventurous can try kayaking or rafting in the waters.

Visit Kanamaru-za to see the oldest remaining kabuki stage in Japan, and the shrine at Kotohira-gu in the town of Kotohira, south west of Takamatsu.



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