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Often referred to as Kinki Region, this is regarded as the cradle of Japanese civilisation. This is where Japan first began to evolve into a distinct nation and start to break from strong Korean and Chinese cultural influences.

No other region in Japan has such a wealth of architecture, culture and history and it is unmissable for travellers with an interest in early or classical Japan.

Both the city of Kyoto  and the even more ancient city of Nara remain the biggest draw with over 1,000 years of history a wealth of cultural and historical sites-but while Japan’s second city Osaka (above) offers all the intensity of a modern commercial city the hills around Kobe provide an altogether more restful, peaceful experience with some of Japan’s finest feudal castles. Here is also to be found Japan’s most sacred shinto shrine Ise-jingu and some good onsen resorts around Kobe.

Excellent rail links make this the best method of travel in this region with the shinkansen and local JR routes covering all the major attractions. Two or three-day passes make the most sense allowing unlimited travel in the region.


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