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An extremely picturesque small town set high in the mountains, Tsuwano is a haven of peace and tranquility.

Little more than a small market town, the scenery is nonetheless remarkable and some execllent mountain walks are within easy reach.

The castle ruin is dramatic - perched over the town itself and an old samurai school exists (Yorokan) which was in use during the late Edo period and retains displays of some of its famous pupils.

Among sights are Maria-sei-do (Chapel of Saint Mary) - a memorial chapel built in memory of some of the first Japanese Catholics to be exiled here from Nagasaki in the mid/late 19th Century prior to execution.

Tonomachi - a 10 minute walk from the station - is notable due to the swarm of colourful carp that swim the canals around the whitewashed, black-tiled streets of the town.

*Tip  Avoid during weekends in spring and late summer when the town swarms with tourists.




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