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In spite - or maybe because of - its relatively small size, Kobe is one of Japan’s most appealing cities. This makes it an attractive proposition for visitors who can take in most of the city’s attractions on foot via the main train stations of Sannomiya and Motomachi. Quieter than its larger and brasher neighbour Osaka, Kobe offers an excellent alternative with plenty of nightlife and attractions of its own.

Famous worldwide now for the tragic earthquake which killed 6,000 on 17th January 1995, the Kobe of today is testament to the resilience of the Kobe inhabitants who quickly brought life in Japan’s sixth largest city back to relative normality. The Port of Kobe Earthquake Memorial Park retains some ruins left in memorial to the power and destructive force that was unleashed that day.

The Kobe City Museum has good exhibitions of ’Namban’ art while those looking for an altogether more modern Japan can visit Kobe Harbour Land  - Meriken Park for excellent shopping opportunities.


Meriken Park is the modern face of Kobe




Japan’s biggest ’Chinatown’  - Nankinmanchi is here - a legacy of the city’s past when in the 15th and 16th centuries the port was Japan’s gateway for trade with its mainland neighbour. An abundance of brightly painted shops and restaurants make this an ideal place for an evening stroll. Visit Ikuta to enjoy the bars and nightlife of Kobe’s entertainment heart.

For an altogether more leisurely experience take the Shin-Kobe Cable Car (or "ropeway") to a Nunobiki Habu-koen - a group of gardens allowing an attractive view back down onto the city.

A more traditional view of Kobe - Sake Brewery in Nada



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