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Around Osaka
Getting There
Parks and Gardens
The Yakuza

Around Osaka

You will find some interesting spots to visit around Osaka. Check them out.

Minoh (right)
With a reputation for being Osaka Prefecture's most picturesque place, its focus is Meiji-no-Mori Mino-o Quasi-National Park, famed for the Mino-o Falls and its colorful fall foliage. Insectarium of Minoh Park is an indoor sanctuary where the visitor can view butterflies on the wing the year round.

Located at Kishiwada City you can find an interesting castle. It is known known for its Danjiri Festival. In the compound you can find the Kishiwada City Local History Museum. Near the castle is Danjiri Hall which houses a three-dimensional visual presentation providing the visitor with a simulated ride on a Danjiri festival float.

Nintoku’s Mausoleum
Located at the Daisen Park you find the emperor's mausoleum. Its construction dates back to the middle of the fifth century. It is said to be one of the largest tombs in the world. Adjacent to the tomb is Daisen Park for those with a cultural bent, which contains the Sakai City Museum, a tea-ceremony house and a fine Japanese garden.


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