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Around Osaka
Getting There
Parks and Gardens
The Yakuza


Located at Osaka’s seafront leisure area of Tempozan, Kaiyukan is one of the world’s largest aquariums. On display here under the main theme of the Pacific "Ring of Fire" are 580 species of marine life from the Pacific Ocean.

A refreshingly frank exhibition is available to those who visit Liberty Osaka Museum where a side of Japan not normally highlighted (or openly admitted) can be seen. Here can be found fascinating insights into discrimination against foreigners and the role of the Burakumin in society.

Spa World offers a whole new aspect to bathing with its 5,000 capacity and underground hot springs. The spa is divided into sections representing areas of the world. For those searching for an altogether more western attraction, Universal Studios Japan is a theme park with nine themed areas and plenty of live entertainment, mostly based around the theme of Hollywood and the US in general.

Various other museums such as the Suntory Museum (European posters and glass) and Japan Folk Craft Museum are also worth visiting.


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