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Around Osaka
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Parks and Gardens
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Osaka Sights

Shitennoji Temple
Shitennoji is Japan’s oldest state-founded temple. It was built in 593. Reconstructed several times after repeated fires, the temple together with its attendant structures and the way they are graphically positioned hark back to the days of old when they were initially created.

Osaka-jo (Osaka Castle)

Osaka-jo is one the most popular attractions in the city.It is the largest of its kind in Japan. The complex was completed in 1586 after three years of construction and employed a staggering 600,000 workers. The original stone walls around the castle formed a massive rectangle that was three km long by two km wide. The clan in their bid for power completely destroyed the castle in 1615 when they defeated heir, and then they rebuilt it as a symbol of their authority. Occupied until 1867, the castle was razed by the last remnants of the before they submitted to the forces supporting the . The castle was rebuilt to scale in 1931 using modern materials.  

The grounds today are a park that affords an escape from the clamour of the city. It is usually filled with picnicking families, couples strolling arm-in-arm, and cyclists enjoying the open spaces. Inside the main five-storied donjon  is a museum displaying artifacts, some belonging to Hideyoshi Toyotomi, accumulated during 250 years of Tokugawa rule. The top floor presents a dazzling panorama of the city. The castle is open daily 0900-1630, with extended summer hours, and charges ¥600 admission. To arrive, take the Tanimachi subway to Temmabashi station and then walk for about 10 minutes.
Address: Close to JR Osaka-jo Koen Station
Opening Hours: 9am to 4.30 pm, summer until 8.30pm


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