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Kinosaki, Moroyose and Takeno

Kansai - North Coast

The nothern coastline of Kansai region is very much a continuation of the San-in coastline detailed in the Chugoku section. The same feeling of tranquility and quiet industry continues here and into the Chubu region.

The San-in Mainline takes the coastal route as far as Kinosaki from where it continues inland - travellers need to switch to the JR line which will continue on to the Tango Peninsula and to one of Japan ’three great views’ - Amanohashidate. To really appreciate the peninsula take a bus which runs round the peninsular, stopping at the village of Ine with its funaya houses jutting out over the bay.


   Amanohashidate  - one of Japan’s ’three great views’

Amanohashidate itself is a sandspit covered with up to 8,000 pine trees - it forms a bridge of land between the two coasts of the bay. The local practice has been to view it ’upside down’ by standing with your head between your legs from one of the specially erected viewing platforms on the surrounding hill (strictly optional)

There are a number of attractive fishing villages and onsen-resorts dotted along the northern coastline. Recommended are Takeno, Moroyose and Kinosaki.



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