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Kinosaki, Moroyose and Takeno

Kinosaki, Moroyose and Takeno


The town of Kinosaki took its name from the marshlands that were formed where the Maruyama River flows into the sea of Japan. These marshlands were called "kinusaki - hence the name ’Kinosaki’. Today it is a small onsen town centred around a pretty, willow-lined canal(guests can often be seen strolling along it from bathhouses to bathouse in their yukata and geta). The town is easily accessible on an overnight stay from Kyoto, Osaka or Kobe. There are seven public onsens here altogether along with numerous private ryokan onsens. There is also a fine example of a shinto temple - Onsen-ji, with a ’ropeway’ or tram leading to it from the town itself.




Deserted sandy beaches are hard to find in Japan, so enjoy the serenity of this quiet fishing village with its asa-ichi (morning fish-market).  There are several temples located in the hills along the coast that you can hike up to if you’d like to. Nearby Hamasaka also has famous onsens  if you need to wind down after a hard day relaxing.

 Moroyose is somewhat off the beaten track, which is probably why it remains so unspoilt. There are several buses a day from Hamasakato the east - ask at the station there for times. You can also catch the ’one-man’ train from Hamasaka; it is the first stop on route to Tottori. (Remember, however, that Moroyose is a ’request stop’ so remind the driver as the train approaches the station).




Located within the San-in Coast National Park, famous for the seasonally changing Nekozaki Peninsula and its irregular coastline. You can swim in summer and enjoy delicious crab in winter. There is an abundance of accommodation and it is very popular in summer. Again it is on the scenic JR San-in Line so is easily accessible.


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