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City Map
Subway Map

The Tokyo subway system is without a doubt the most efficient way to get around the city. (Not only are taxis unbelievably expensive; they also frequently get caught in the tangle of traffic.)

True the system is complex, but the secret to using it is to know the colour code of the line that stops closest to your destination. If you have one of the free colour-coded maps with you you are well on your way to understanding the system. The stations are not always convenient (expect a lot of steps not a lot of escalators) and the ticket machines can be baffling at times but the attendants will be as gracious and helpful as they can. (it will be useful to have a point of reference  - for instance a map with either English or Japanese words. They were not as skilled in understanding spoken English.) Click here for a simplified map of the central subway system.

Try to avoid the subway at rush hour however unless you want to see the legendary pushers literally pack as many people on the trains as possible.



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