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Nikko Edo Mura

Nikko is a popular daytrip from Tokyo and one of Japan’s favourite tourist attractions. The shrines and the temples in the city, and above all the splendid Toshogu Shrine are among the best sights in the country so you should always try to include Nikko in your trip if at all possible.

Other attracions include the Futara-san-jija shrine, the Taiyuin-byo, basically a smaller version of the Toshogu, the Shin-Kyo bridge and the Rinno-ji Temple.

The three monkeys depicting the mantra 'Hear no evil, Speak no evil and see no evil as they appear on Toshogu Shrine Gates

A trip to Chuzenji-ko Lake is nice too. Almost an hour by bus along a winding road. Beautiful scenery and a 100 meter high waterfall  are the main attraction.

The Toshogu Shrine (below) was built for a shogun and is an unusual mixture of Confucian, Zen and Shinto architecture. More Chinese than Japanese, this building dates back to the 1650s, but was restored in 1818.Toshogu is the original site of the see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak-no-evil monkeys (you will find them carved on one of the gates). Also in this area are two waterfalls (Kegon and Dragon’s Head Cascade) and Nikko Edo Mura, a theme-park replica of a feudal village that offers martial arts performances. It’s popular with children. Nikko Western Village, another amusement park, is interesting for its depictions of the U.S. Old West.

As a warning be careful to watch out for the growing population of monkeys roaming the area - some have identified the contents of vehicles and backpacks as handy sources of food. These monkeys can be fairly aggressive, and they’ve been known to climb through open windows to ransack the contents of cars and rooms. Because of concerns about an unchecked increase in their population, Nikko’s city government has imposed a ban on feeding them. It’s best not to get too close - they may look cuddly, but they have sharp teeth. 75 mi/120 km north of Tokyo.


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