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Autumn in Japan

During the autumn or fall months the crisp air and clear blue skies make it a great time to be outdoors. The mild and pleasant weather makes walking, hiking and sightseeing a great pleasure. The fabulous colours of the autumn leaves that deepen as the season goes on, provides a spectacular backdrop to the country. 

At this time one of the most beautiful places to visit is 
Nikko, site of the mausoleums of the Shoguns, the hills of Arashiyama in Western Kyoto and Hakone, an onsen town under the great Mt. Fuji. Many shrine and temple gardens too are planted with the small-leafed maple trees that give the Japanese autumn its individual character. You will see their delicate shape repeated wherever you go, on souvenir cakes, shop windows, even garnishing your food, showing you just how much of an important part the seasons play in Japanese culture.

In rural areas you can see farmers working the fields and harvesting the yea's rice crop and, later, the gathered rice in bundles lined up on bamboo poles to dry in the sun. Other much-anticipated signs of autumn are the tangerines, chestnuts and highly-prized matsutake mushrooms  (pictured right) that you will see in markets all over the country.


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