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Onsen Etiquette
Onsen Resorts

The onsen experience can be a very enjoyable one provided certain formalities are strictly adhered to. The rules are in place to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience.

The following rules must always be applied when entering an onsen bath.

  • *Take off your shoes at the entrance (genkan) and put them into the cabinet provided
  • *Enter the changing room through the appropriate door

  • *While attempting to preserve your modesty by appropriate use of the wash towel, enter the bathing area closing any door behind you

  • *Remove your clothes and put them in the basket or locker provided. Take only the small wash towel.

  • *Wash or rinse your body thoroughly using the showers/taps before entering the bath (ofuro if inside, rotemburo if outdoors) for the first time. Ensure that ALL soap is rinsed off before proceeding

  • *Enter the main bath and soak for a short while being careful not to get too hot.

  • *Return to the shower to rinse once more before returning to the bath itself

  • *On the last occasion you use the bath do not rinse afterwards

  • *Dry yourself with a towel before returning to the changing area.

Be sure to check whether the baths themselves are segregated for men and women, and remember that onsen are places for quiet relaxation so guiests are expected to act appropriately. However, above all, the main advice is to 


Adhering to these few simple rules will ensure a very pleasurable, uniquely Japanese experience that you are likely to remember for a long time.



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