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Eating Sushi
The Food

Religion - especially Buddhism -  has had a very strong infuence on the cuisine of Japan for centuries. The staples of rice and noodles, seafood and pickles and soya beans, fresh fruit and vegetables reflect this. Today more and more dairy products and meat are consumed but still the cuisine of these islands remains probably the world’s most healthy, eclectic and satisfying.

Japan is a country where both region and season very much dictate what is available and many Japanese will travel the interior with the express purpose of sampling the regional cuisine on offer.

The ubiquitous rice or ’han’ will be found present at practically every meal, and to a lesser extent, noodles. Traditional Japanese meals will generally involve a greater variety of small portions than in the west, with an emphasis on fresh ingredients. A lot of Japanese cuisine is very subtly seasoned, relying on the original flavour of the main ingredients to dominate.
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Eating can be very expensive in Japan - especially in more upmarket restaurants and expect to pay anything upwards of ¥5,000 per person. Click here to visit our section discussing the most common types of restaurant in Japan.


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