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Martial Arts

Japan is now beginning to make itself heard. The country that ss responsible for most of the technology that is now used to create dance music is beginning to show the world that they know how to use it.

The expanding scene in Japan is bringing with it great enthusiasm from the crowds that have helped it to grow to where it now is. Japanese clubbers are as enthusiastic about their music as those found in the west, there appears to be an on going commitment to appreciating music without the need for chemicals.

Much like the rest of the dance world, Japan’s clubbing history has gone from the underground to the mainstream in a short space of time. An individual free-style crowd, small low-key clubs and low paid but highly enthusiastic DJs, have been replaced by glo-stick wielding youngsters, small modern clubs and costly but still enthusiastic DJs.

Japan has a healthy club scene at the moment and a lot of DJs are making a name for themselves both here and abroad. DJs such as DJ Krush, Yoji Biomehanika, Energy Dai and Kihira Naoki to name but a few, have been working hard to put Japan on the clubbing map. While it may seem a little expensive at first gaining entry to some clubs and having a few drinks, choose the right event and you will be in for an experience of a lifetime. Japanese clubbers are among the most exuberant in the world and the frenzied atmosphere that they help create is unlike anything you will ever come across again.


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