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Arts and Crafts
Haiku Poetry
Tea Ceremony
Traditional Theatre

Japanese take their leisure time very seriously, and the rituals which play such an important role in the life of the Japanese are again evident here.

When it comes to the performing arts, few countries if any can have the wealth of traditional styles that Japan does. There are four main distinct performing art forms in Japan - noh, kabuki, kyogen and bunraku.

Playing the 5-string Biwa (Right)

The Japanese are of course known across the world for the tea ceremony - and the unique form of poetry known as haiku.

A national fascination with the natural world such as the changing seasons has initiated such as activities as maple-viewing, snow-viewing and the national obsession with seasonal cherry-blossom, or Hanami viewing. During the spring the media avidly track the spread of the blossom northwards invoking parties and a fierce competition for what are seen as the best viewing spots in parks and gardens.                            

The wealth of traditional arts and crafts of Japan have their origins in China and Korea, but have evolved and been refined into a distinct Japanese style. Today artisans and craftsmen across the country ensure that all aspects continue to thrive and traditions are kept very much alive from traditional painting techniques to ceramics and textiles.


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