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Background and General Information

The purpose of this section is to act as a resource for the visitor to help plan their visit. It aims to provide a broad introduction to the people of Japan, the country itself as well as further information regarding travel options and visa requirements.                       

A section detailing the Types of accommodation available can be found under the section on The Country together with information on the climate and landscape of the Japan.

When used in conjunction with the Regions section as well as the Events search, it should provide the visitor with much of the information needed in order to plan their holiday.

By visiting the interactive sections listing specific Accommodation , options for Eating Out and Shopping the visitor can plan and even pre-book specific stages of their holiday. 

Equally this section can be used as a resource to anyone interested in just finding out a little more about Japan and its people. Please feel free to browse and let us have any comments as to how you think we can further improve this site.                                                                   



Precision Reservations

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Sun, sea and sand?
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